We are 2 everything but ordinary people. We love unusual trips and challenging experiences.
I (Adrian) have filmed dozens of documentary movies for the romanian regional TV stations TV Arad and West TV. A few of them you can watch on this website.
I've also participated as a reporter, guide or cameraman in the expeditions "Romania- A heart for Asia" (Romania to Mongolia and back by car, the longest heart-shape motorised expedition in the world), "Tracks in the desert" (with a 4x4 car in 5 south african contries in search of remote human villages and rare animals, as a first part of a trilogy whose next destinations will be Papua-New Guinea (2017) and Venezuela/Brasil), "Because it does exist" (first expedition of Arad on the top of Kilimanjaro mountain, 2009) and "Immi and Adi goimg to Asia, 5000km in 21 days" (a backpacking tour of 3 weeks in India, Nepal and China where 2 completely different characters had to get along to be in 3 weeks from New delhi to Beijing). Pictures and movies from those adventure you will find, in romanian and english, also on this site.
I am practicing a lot of sports- from speleology to diving and cave diving and from mountainbiking to ski tours. You will also find here films reflecting those activities.
Alecsandra has a done a lot of travelling by herself, but without filming and photographing too much. After we met an got married in 2017 we decided to create this website as a blog/vlog where we will publish our travel experiences as a team. The first experiences togethere have been London and Mallorca and the first great expedition (with the first "heavy" film made together) Papua/New Guinea in autumn 2017.
There are a lot of other longer and shorter movies from our trips and sometime only photos. You can find all of my/our trips in a chronological order, or sorted by category (continent). Most of the films are in romanian, but the most important are also in english.
Last, but not least, I respectfully want to thank everyone who made my hobby as a "profesional tourist" come true: my cameraman and friend Sebastian Dehelean, Marcel Vladutoiu- the leader and sponsor of the "Romania-A heart for Asia" expedition, Ovidiu "Japan" Cismas for the Kilimanjaro ascension, Ciprian Gabor from Euro Travel (mostly my one and only sponsor), Danny G (Atmosphere Studio) for allowing me to use his wonderful music as soundtrack for my films and of course, my beloved Alecsandra, for just being and loving me..