“Tracks in the desert”- september 2016

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July 8, 2017
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July 8, 2017
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(South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia) – part 1 of the world expedition.

„Tracks in the desert“ (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe) is part of a greater travel & movie project among with „Tracks in the Pacific“ (Indonesia – Papua New Guinea, 2017-2018) and „Tracks in the jungle“ (Venezuela- Brasil, 2019-2020). The goal of the entire project is to make documentary movies in the last remote regions of the earth where indigenous populations lives with as little contact to the modern world as possible. The wild animals of those regions are going to be also a subject of our movies. In this year’s „Tracks in the desert“ we will try to reach the african populations of San, Nama, Himba, Bushmen, Zemba and Twa. We will be able to film the wild animals of Kaokoland and Etosha pan (Namibia), of the Okawango delta (Botswana) and of the Hwange and Matopo NP (Zimbabwe). We will capture on film the habbits of the most northern penguins and seals of the planet (Atlantic coast, Namibia).

Beside of the complete movies that we will produce after returning from the expedition, during the african expedition we will have a vlog on youtube and facebook (in english), where we will try to upload every couple of days short, funny movies about our adeventures during the last days, with information for the ones of you who want to travel someday there by themselves. Our african trip will be a very wild, adventurous and maybe even dangerous one- We will be only 3 people in 1 offroad car, without a guide and all by ourselves. We will drive a „monster“-like Toyota HiLux, fully equipped with rooftents and all the necessary gear for surviving in the desert- from giant fuel & watertanks to campaign kitchen and all the necessary food supplies. We will be driving through the Namib desert all by the GPS maps and navigation systems, far away from other human beings, in remote areas with no cell phone coverage and where the in-case-of help will be extremely hard to find. We will be searching in dried riverbeds and at the few waterholes for wild elephants, lions, antilopes, hippos and hyenas. The nights of lonely camping in the desert will be very dangerous, because of the wild animals which will come very close to us in search for food. It is forbidden during the night to walk even just a few steps away form the car- that just in case you don’t want to shake hands friendly with a lion! We will reach and film one oft the world most famous dunes (Sossusvlei, Namibia), the remote and creepy Skeleton Coast, with colonies of seals between the rusty skeletons of hundreds-of-years-old shipwrecked boats and the german colonial romantic cities of Lüderitz and Swakopmund.

After a few days and nights in the remote nothingness of one of the worlds most deserted regions (Kaokoland, Namibia) we will try to cross ilegally for a few minutes the border to Angola. In the northern Namibia we will meet the himba population and hopefully they will show us the secrets of painting the skin red. Further southeast we will enter one of the worlds greatest zoos-without-fences, the Etosha pan NP, where in the evening the few waterholes will bring together just a few steps away from us elephants, lions, hippos, antilopes, hyaenas, zebras, ostriches and giraffes. Saying „hello“ to the bushmen of eastern Namibia we will cross the border to Botswana. There, one of the top-ten-nature wonders of the world, the Okawango delta (the only one where a rivers forms a delta before getting lost into the desert) will put our car on the test of crossing deep water holes where the crocodiles are just waiting for delicious white european meat. After Botswana, down on the Zambezi river we will be reaching Zambia, with another wonder of the world- the Victoria waterfall. Crossing the bridge over the fall will get us south to Zimbabwe, where Matobo and Hwange NP will reveal their beauty of wild life to uor video cameras. Finally, after 21 days and over 7000km we will get back to Johannesburg, South Africa, the starting and ending point of our african dream. Our team is made of 3 people- myself, my good friend and best action cameraman Seb Zeb and his wife Criss, who is in charge for taking photos and taking care of 2 crazy dudes who are ready to make everything, (even crashing the car) for a good video shot! After getting back home we will make a full documentary movie, but during the african experience we will have a vlog on youtube and facebook, where we will post short funny movies every few days, when we will be able to reach internet connection and where you can join us in our adventure… without leaving your home.

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