Sumatra / Papua – New Guinea (oct 2017)

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July 8, 2017
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„TRACKS IN THE PACIFIC“- The honeymoon expedition

Sumatra / Papua – New Guinea    (October 2017)

                 In a few days we start the second expedition of the project „TRACKS AROUND THE WORLD  “

„Tracks in the desert“ (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe, september 2016) was the first part of a greater travel & movie project, together with

 „Tracks in the Pacific“ (Sumatra – Papua New Guinea, october 2017)

and „Tracks in the jungle“ (Venezuela- Brasil, 2018/19). The goal of the entire project is to make documentary movies in the last remote regions of the earth where indigenous populations lives with as little contact to the modern world as possible. The wild animals of those regions are going to be also a subject of our movies.

                 In this year’s  „Tracks in the Pacific“  we will try to reach the  populations of  Dani and Yali (canibals until 40 years ago!). Getting in the remote mountains of central Papua, area accesible only by small planes and afterwards by trekking through the jungle will be the adventure we can’t wait for.

We are going to film the wild animals of  Sumatra (orangutans) and Papua – New Guinea. Near Papua, the coral islands of  Raja Ampat (where the greatest undrwater biodiversity of our planet can be found) will also be a highlight of our expedition, and during our 5 days of scuba diving in the area we hope to be able to get on camera a lot of endemic and rare underwater lifeforms.

Beside of the complete movies that we will produce after returning from the expedition, during the trip we will have a vlog on our website ( and facebook (in english & romanian), where we will try to upload every couple of days pictures and short  movies with our adeventures.

Backpacking through the jungle, diving with sharks and climbing hight mountains to find half-naked indigenous populations and trying to get along in indonesian (which I have tried to learn over the last 6 months) – yes, that’s our idea of the perfect honeymoon!


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